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AlpineViews Publishing Co. is a division of Mountain Woodcarvers, Inc.

AlpineViews currently publishes 4 woodcarving books by Skylar Johnson, Carving Compact Caricatures,
Carving Santa Claus Ornament, How to Sharpen Woodcarving Tools,
and How to Carve
a Woodspirit in a Hiking Stick. 
We also publish the DVD Carving Woodspirits in
Cottonwood Bark.

Skylar has been carving for over 25 years and while he primarily considers himself self taught, he has had the
opportunity to carve under some of the most notable teachers in woodcarving today.  He has also studied at the
Geisler-Moroder School of Woodcarving in Austria.  His style is a unique blend of caricature and human realistic.

He has also created a series of study casts mainly for caricature carvers, although realistic human
carvers also find them useful as well.  The series includes the MouthStick, the NoseStick, and the EyeStick.
Each cast's overall length is 10.5".

Closeups of      Nose  ^               Mouth  ^                         Eye  ^


  Mouth         Nose          Eye

MouthStick #7169 $19.95
NoseStick  #7170  $19.95
EyeStick  #7168  $19.95

Books & Accessories

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   This new book covers all the steps  for carving and painting a Hillbilly egg.  All carving instruction is step by step with close-up photos.  A gallery section of 14 other caricatures is also include featuring a viking, biker, professor, boxer, tourist family, sumo wrestler, soldier, chef, baseball player, fisherman and pirate.  The book is full color, 36 pages, size 8.5" x 11".  Pub. 2003

Carving Compact Caricatures  $12.95   Skylar Johnson 

Basswood Hen Eggs   2-1/2" Tall

1125 Egg Stand $.75 each

1740 Basswood Hen Egg 1.75 each
5507 Basswood Goose Egg $3.50



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This newest book by Skylar shows you all the steps required for carving a woodspirit in an Aspen hiking stick.  The techniques may be used for carving in any type of wood.  The instructions are step-by-step and include optional sections for carving your woodspirit with a mouth or a long flowing beard and mustache and also open or squinting eyes. This book features over 90 step-by-step photos and also a gallery section of aspen and cottonwood woodspirits.  This book consists of close-up black and white photos,
 48 pages, book size 5.5"x 8.5"  ISBN 0-9753002-0-2   Pub. 2004

How to Carve a Woodspirit in a Hiking Stick  $9.95  Skylar Johnson

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7165 Colorado Aspen 3pc approx 10" long $9.95

wpe13.jpg (1880 bytes)

7164 Woodspirit Study Cast $10.95


9500.jpg (41632 bytes)  Carving Woodspirits in Cottonwood Bark  DVD $24.95  Skylar Johnson
  This 90 minute full color DVD covers step-by-step carving instruction for a woodspirit in cottonwood bark.  Shot from 2 camera angles, this DVD captures all of the close up detail.  DVD details, full color, 90 minute,  1999
 DVD $24.95

9501.jpg (13651 bytes)

9501closeup.jpg (16737 bytes) #9501 Woodspirit Study Cast $19.95


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Featuring world costumes including patterns for
santas from Ireland, Scotland, Russia, Mexico,
Scandinavia, The Netherlands and Germany.
Easy projects with step by step carving and
painting instructions

#7166 Carving Santa Claus Ornaments $13.95


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Covers all aspects of sharpening
woodcarving tools including knives, gouges, and
v-tools.  Learn how to sharpen using stones or
power wheels.  Easy step-by-step instructions.

7163 How to Sharpen Woodcarving Tools $9.95

sharpening kit.tif (109012 bytes) Includes the book How to Sharpen Woodcarving Tools, a tool box strop, and a container of aluminum oxide polishing compound.

#SKIT   Sharpening Kit $17.95


AlpineViews Publishing Co. is a subsidiary of Mountain Woodcarvers,  Inc.

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