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Innovative Products for Woodcarvers! 
Made in Australia.


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Arbortech now offers the popular MiniGrinder in a pre-assembled unit so you
can enjoy all the carving benefits right out of the box. The MiniGrinder is great
for sculpting and sanding small to medium sized carvings.  Also great for relief
carvings.  With the rotary wheel extended in front of the grinder you'll have excellent
visibility and maneuverability.   Powerful 600 watt, 120v double insulated motor
provides plenty of carving power.   Kit comes with 2-2" pressed steel blades, 4
assorted mini sanders, 6" extension arm and grinder motor.  MiniGrinder accessories
sold below.

  #3871 Arbortech PreAssembled MiniGrinder  List price $261.92  Our Price $259.95  

Arbortech Cutting Wheels! We are excited to bring you these new versatile cutting wheels that fit on your
standard 4"or 4-1/2" angle grinder.  They make simple and easy work of larger projects or with the mini-grinder you can
cut amazingly fine detail.  Don't confuse these with similar complicated chainsaw type cutters which are designed to cut
in only one direction. 

These new technology cutters cut in any direction with or against the grain with ease. Soft or hard woods make no difference
to the Arbortech cutters.  A smooth and effortless cut is always the result.

Of all the cutters we tested we consider Arbortech to be the finest and safest rotary wheels on the market today.


#3850 Arbortech Pro Woodcarver    List $164.86  Our Price $159.95

Designed for the ultimate in smooth cutting and exceptional control.  The blade uses tungsten carbide teeth, which
can be rotated, resharpened or replaced.  Comes with Pro-Guard and mounting hardware.  Will fit most 4" or
4-1/2" angle grinders.  Grinder not included.


#3896  Arbortech Replacement Carbide Teeth  $56.00

3 x K40 grade tungsten carbide teeth & 3  M3 Torx screws.  Fits the Pro Woodcarver above.





  #3865  Arbortech Pro-4 Woodshaper Kit  $64.00

  Great entry level cutter at an affordable price.  The pressed steel wheel is hardened to 40 RC and will
hold its edge and is easily sharpened with a chainsaw file.  Comes with the Pro-Guard and mounting
hardware.  Will fit most 4" or 4-1/2" angle grinders.  Angle grinder not included.

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  #3898 MiniCarbide Cutter  $30.00

Upgrade the cutter on your MiniGrinder to one that has carbide teeth for better cutting and longer
life. 1 - 2" cutter.


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  #3897 MiniGrinder Replacement Belt  Reg. $19.00  SALE $13.00  Limited to quantity on hand

Replace your worn or broken MiniGrinder belt.




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