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Glass Eyes for Birds & Fish - Pewter Bird Feet


#8911  Metric Eye Drill Set  $19.95

The solution to perfect fitting eye sockets is these metric sized
brad point drill bits.  Sharp brad point holds bits on center for
a no slip start.  Set includes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm,
8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm with wood storage box.

Colwood Circle Tips      (See All Colwood Burners and Accessories)

#CIR1 Circle Tip .071"  2mm  $16.95


 #CIR2  Circle Tip .100"  3mm   $16.95


#CIR3 Circle Tip .189"  5mm $16.95


#CIR4 Circle Tip .240"  6mm $16.95


Magic Sculpt

#6999 Magic Sculpt Epoxy $9.95

Magic Sculpt is a two-part epoxy putty specifically designed to meet the needs 
of modelers, crafters, and sculptors alike.  One of the only epoxies that will smooth 
out with water.  Its grain structure is finer than any other product available and will 
not shrink or crack even when formed in large structures.  It can be shaped by hand 
or with modeling tools, sanded, carved, and painted.  Cures at room temperature.  
2oz. Package.



Clear Glass Eyes for Birds - Sold in pairs of 5 - Paint the back for a custom match to your species.

Made from the highest quality glass available. Premium quality concave, convex off wire eyes. Deeply imprinted pupil for superb natural effect.  Strict quality control insures consistent eye size and pupil size. 

   Sold in pairs of 5


SAVE on Irregulars. 

7005X  5 pair  5mm Clear Glass Eyes on Wire (Irregular Pupils) SALE $2.50 5pair


Colored Glass Eyes for Birds -  Sold in Pairs. Made from the highest quality glass available. Premium quality concave, convex off wire eyes. Deeply imprinted pupil for superb natural effect.  Strict quality control  insures consistent eye size, pupil size and color. We can special order any size and color you may need.  Please contact us for info 800-292-6788    Made in USA

Choose Color & Size Below.  Sizes  3mm & 4mm $2.00pr., 5mm-7mm $2.50 pr., 8mm $2.75pr., 9mm $3.10pr., 10mm $3.20pr.,
11mm $3.75pr., 12mm $4.50pr.   Not all colors are available in all sizes.

Box quantity represents pairs

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Eye Part Number Chart          Sizes  3mm & 4mm $2.00pr., 5mm-8mm $2.50 pr., 9-10mm $3.00pr., 11mm $3.50pr., 12mm $4.00pr.

Size Yellow Brown Dark  Brown Red Black
3mm   #6203 #6303   #6503
4mm   #6204 #6304   #6504
5mm #6105 #6205 #6305 #6405  
6mm #6106 #6206 #6306 #6406
7mm #6107 #6207 #6307 #6407
8mm #6108 #6208 #6308 #6408  
9mm #6109 #6209 #6309 #6409  
10mm #6110 #6210 #6310 #6410  
11mm #6111     #6411  
12mm #6112        

#EKIT     Bird & Small Mammal Kit Glass Eyes $28.95 A Savings of $17.05

Our kit includes one pair of each 6mm yellow, brown, red and dark brown, 7mm yellow, brown, red and dark brown, 8mm yellow, red brown and dark brown, 9mm red, yellow, brown and dark brown. Perfect for bird and small mammal carvings




Untitled-56.jpg (15146 bytes)Fish Eyes-Gold-General Use Freshwater Fish


New!! Bird Feet Only - without Leg

Feet only, when the entire leg is not needed.
Easily wrap toes around branches.

#2282 Small Songbird Feet $3.50  (Goldfinch, Chickadee, Small Finches)
                                       #2280 Medium Songbird Feet $4.00  (Wren, Bluebird, Nuthatch, Sparrow)
                                      #2281 Large Songbird Feet $4.00  (Cardinal, Waxwing, Grosbeak, Tanger, Oriole)
                                      #2283 Robin Feet Only $4.00 
                                      #2284 Blue Jay Feet Only $4.00 
                                      #2284 Kestral Feet Only $5.00 
                                      #2284 Meadowlark Feet Only $4.00 


birdfeet.jpg (47782 bytes)Pewter Bird Feet  with Legs

Cast in pewter for specific species.  These feet will support the weight of your carving and are easily inserted into the base.  Realistic, flexible, strong and affordable.  Call us to special order species not listed 800-292-6788.   Made in USA

Quantity box represents pairs.


Bird, Waterfowl & Shorebird Feet
#2300  Bluebird  $7.00
#2301  Blue Jay  $10.00
#2304  Cardinal  $8.00
#2303  Chickadee  $7.00
#2310  Goldfinch  $7.00
#2317  (Kestrel) Hawk - Sparrow  $10.00 
#2335  Robin  $10.00
#2345  Wren - House  $7.00

Feathering Study Cast See, study and feel how professional feathers are carved and achieved with this easy to use feathering study cast.  USA

#306 Feathering Study Cast $19.95



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