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Bits, Burs, Sanders and more.

NEW!!  #6270 Mini Saw Drill Set $15.95

Perfect for pierced carvings. These amazing bits drill holes & then side cut to shape
openings in materials up to 3/4" thick.  These bits are precision cut from super hard
titanium nitride (TiN) coated HSS steel for heat resistance and long life.  Set includes
one each of 3/32" and 1/8" shank (two of the most popular power tool collet sizes).
Lengths of 2" and 2.25".


 #8912  Fur & Hair Texturing Set  $26.95

Cut perfect v grooves even in the most difficult end grain wood.  Create
hair, fur, & texture anywhere with these remarkable diamond V wheels.
Real diamond grit permanently bonded to each wheel makes for an efficient
and long lasting cutter.  Popular 1/8" shank fits most power carvers and
handpieces.  Set includes 3 diamond v-wheels and 3  1/8"x2" mandrels.
Wheel diameters are all 3/4" by 1/8" 25 degree, 1/4" 45 degree, and
3/8" 55 degree. 

Guge Sanding Cones

Small Sanders 3/16"x5/8"

#7403 Guge Small Sanders 240grit Green 10 per pkg. $5.95
#7404 Guge Small Sanders 180grit Red 10 per pkg $5.95

#7407 3/32" Mandrel for Small Guge Sanders above $1.95



   Large Sanders 3/8"x1"

#7405 Guge Large Sanders 240grit Green 10 per pkg $5.95
#7406 Guge Large Sanders 180grit Red 10 per pkg $5.95

M22 Tapered Split Mandrel 3/32'' for Large Guge Sanders above $1.95




1/4" Shank Cushioned Sanders  (refill with your own sandpaper)

#8210  Large (3/4"x3") Cushioned Sander  $14.95 
#8211  Small (1/2"x2")  Cushioned Sander  $12.95





  #8910 Carbide Nugget Wheel $42.50

Remove wood quickly with this carbide nugget wheel that resists clogging.
This unit features super tough and extremely long wearing and impact resistant
nuggets of tungsten carbide permanently brazed to a steel rim.  Fits most any
4.5" angle grinder.  Hole size 7/8" with 5/8" and 1/2" adapters included. 
Use with guard, 15,000 rpm maximum.

#7408 Guge Texturing Stick $17.95 each

If you want professional results then you must use what the professionals
use. These are the famous Guge Ceramic Texturing Sticks, size 3/32"
diameter, 2" length. Can be cut in half with cut off wheel.  Sticks can be
shaped and sharpened with dressing stones. Simply put into power carver
and get great, professional texturing results. Blue 800 grit, ceramic texturing
stick. Simply wonderful. Be safe, use with your safety goggles.



Diamond Points $3.95 each

Use on hard and soft woods for carving and fine detailing. They feature sharp natural diamond (80-120 grit) that is
well balanced for use in power tools and micro motors. 120, 000 RPM maximum. 3/32" SHANK



































#2470 10 pc diamond bit set 1/4" shank $13.95 






#2471 20 pc Diamond Bit Set $14.95  1/8" shank






Ruby Carvers 3/32" Shank

Detail Ruby Carvers 3/32" shank  $10.50ea

 A    R16 Ruby Carver  $10.50
B     R17 Ruby Carver  $10.50
C     R18 Ruby Carver  $10.50
D     R21 Ruby Carver  $10.50
E     R19  Ruby Carver  $10.50

  Larger Ruby Carvers for shaping,
                                                                     smoothing, and refining. 3/32" shank  $12.50 ea  

G   R3102  Ruby Carver  $12.50
H    R3103 Ruby Carver  $12.50
I       R3104 Ruby Carver  $12.50
J     R3105 Ruby Carver  $12.50
K    R3106 Ruby Carver  $12.50
M   R3108 Ruby Carver  $12.50
N    R3109 Ruby Carver  $12.50
O    R3110 Ruby Carver  $12.50

Sorry, style P has been discontinued.

Q    R3112 Ruby Carver  $12.50

#2571 Rotary Rasp Steel Cutter Set $7.95  

 1/4" Roatary Rasp kit includes the profiles shown here. 

#8903 10 Carbide Burr Set $56.95 

 High-performance tools!  Get the high quality carbide burrs
you want, at a great price! Genuine carbide burrs are preferred
for carving because they outlast standard steel & “high speed steel”
burrs. Teeth are mid depth set for quick stock removal & silky
smooth finish. Use with flex-shafts, micro & other grinders. Burr
specifications: Shank size: 1/8”; Head Diameter: 1/4”; Overall length: 2”. Max. speed 30,000 rpm.
Includes plastic storage box.

#3387 Pin Vise $10.00   

This handy little vise is perfect for super precise detail
drilling on delicate work. The knurled handle and hex
shaped swivel end is designed for comfort and grip.
 Includes four different split collet sizes for 0 - 1/8" capacity.
Tool measures 3-7/8" long.

Bits and Accessories for Power Tools

“Power Carving” rotary tools feature long-lasting, razor-sharp
carbide cutting teeth arranged into a unique open pattern to
resist “loading” while providing the “Power Carver” rapid stock
removal and smoother finishes.

All Cutters directly below are 1/8" Shank and shown slightly
larger than actual size.  1/4" shank cutters shown in
separate box below.

8415S  $16.00   Fine Bud
8414S $16.00 Coarse Bud
8115S $16.00  Fine Tree
8114S $16.00 Coarse Tree
8119S $18.00 Long Fine Taper
8118S $18.00 Long Coarse Taper
8339S $16.00 Fine Sphere  7/16" Head dia.
8315S  $16.00 Fine Sphere 1/4" Head dia.


8338S $16.00 Coarse Sphere 7/16" Head dia
8314S  $16.00 Fine Sphere 1/4" Head dia


8515S $16.00 Fine Cylinder
8514S $16.00 Coarse Cylinder
8715S $16.00 Fine Ball Nose
8714S $16.00 Coarse Ball Nose
8719S $16.00 Long Fine Ball Nose
8718S $16.00 Long Coarse Ball Nose
8913S $16.00 Fine Flame
8914S $16.00Coarse Flame

Saburr Burs 1/4" shank  Shown close to actual size.

3/4" Head


1/4" Head

3/4" Head

1/2" Head

3/4" Head

3/4" Head

1/4" Head

1/2" Head

3/4" Head


New!  1/4" Shank Nugget Burs These burs remove wood fast, leave the surface smooth, resist
clogging and are long lasting.  They feature super-tough nuggets of wear and impact resistant tungsten
carbide, permanently brazed to the steel body.  The result is fast cutting and amazing resistance to loading.
Perfect for all shaping uses in forward or reverse rotation.  Super Low Priced at $10.95 ea.

#6160  Thin Taper Nugget Bur  $10.95             Head Diameter  1/4"        Head Length  1-1/2"
#6161  Wide Taper Nugget Bur  $10.95            Head Diameter  1/2"        Head Length  1"
#6162 Thin Cylinder Nugget Bur $10.95            Head Diameter  1/2"        Head Length  1-3/4"
#6163 Wide Cylinder Nugget Bur $10.95          Head Diameter  3/4"         Head Length  1-1/2"
#6164 Small Ball Nose Nugget Bur $10.95        Head Diameter  1/2"        Head Length  3/4"
#6165  Flame Nugget Bur   $10.95                      Head Diameter  1/2"        Head Length  7/8"
#6166 Large Ball Nose Nugget Bur $10.95         Head Diameter  3/4"       Head Length  1-1/4"

Cutter and rasp Sets!

#92012 10 Pc High Speed Cutter Set $32.00 A great assortment
of very useful shapes for the woodcarver.  All cutters have 1/8" shanks and
are Titanium Nitride coated for extended life.  Use for shaping, hollowing,
grooving, and sculpting. 
Included shapes are:  cylinder 1/8", cylinder 5/16", ball 1/8", ball 5/16",
tapered radius 1/4", oval 1/4", wheel 3/8", flame 1/4", inverted taper 1/4",
and cone 1/4".

#92012 High Speed Cutter Set $32.00



#93010 10pc Rotary Rasp Assortment $34.00  5 High Speed Carbon steel,
 & 5 Titanium Nitride coated rasps will quickly eat through the toughest woods.
 All cutters have 1/8"
 Titanium Coated Hi Speed Steel shapes included are:  cylinder 5/16", flame 1/4",
 cone 1/4", ball 3/16", cylinder 7/32".

Rotary File Carbon Steel shapes included are:  tree 1/4", cylinder 1/4", ball 1/4",
tree 5/16", cylinder 5/16". 

#93010 Rasp Cutter Set $34.00

rotary a.jpg (4232 bytes)

Sorry, Unavailable at this time.    #102 Rotary Chisel $32.00

Rotary Chisel Carbide cutting tool for use in high speed rotary tools (Dremel,
Foredom, Wecheer, etc) up to 30,000 RPM. This is the most aggressive and
controllable cutting tool available to woodcarvers. At 25,000 RPM makes 1250 cuts per second.
Depth of cut 3/16". width of cut 1/8" shank is 1/8". This is a fun little tool.

Engraving Cutters 3/32" Shank (styles listed left to right)

 #R2 Engraving Cutter $1.30
#R5 Engraving Cutter $1.30
#R7 Engraving Cutter $1.30
#P3 Engraving Cutter $1.30
                                     #P7 Engraving Cutter $1.30
#1960 Set of 5 above $5.75

 Marsh Sanders - Used and recommended by Wanda Marsh.  Refill with your own sandpaper.                       

                                  #8204 Marsh Fat Sander $10.95
#8205 Marsh Tapered Sander $9.95
#8206 Marsh Mini Soft Round Sander $9.95
#8207 Marsh Micro Sander $11.95


#406 1/4x 1/2" Drum Sander $2.95
#411 9pk 3 each of 50, 80 and 120 grit $2.95






#3601 Foredom V-Stone Kit $12.95 3/32" shank $15.95



Foredom  Stones

ceramcut texture.jpg (9502 bytes)    ceramcut texture 2.jpg (6681 bytes)  ceramcut texture 3.jpg (7161 bytes)

White Aluminum Oxide Points $2.30 each
White Aluminum Oxide Point. Extremely fine grit (400) for a high finish on tensile. Extremely fine
cutting and points will hold their shape. Great for super fine cutting, creating lines and texturing surfaces.

1/8" head dia. x 7/32" head length, 3/32" shank. Max. speed 35,000 rpm. Made in USA.


3/16" head dia. x 17/32" head length, 3/32" shank. Max. speed 35,000 rpm. Made in USA.


1/2" head dia. x 1/16" head length, 3/32" shank. Max. speed 35,000 rpm. Made in USA.



3/8" head dia. x 3/64" head length, 3/32" shank. Max. speed 35,000 rpm. Made in USA.


1/4" head dia. x 1/4" head length, 3/32" shank. Max. speed 35,000 rpm. Made in USA.


  #2999 (Set of 9) CeramCut $22.50       

Great for fine texturing. General shaping and refining, feather layout on birds.
Texturing feathers, fur and hair.   These stones maintain their shape and hold
an edge longer than any other stone.   Reshape with a silicon carbide dressing
stone.  Sharpen or true a stone using a diamond board.  To clean a reshaped
stone, run it over a rubber block.  Set of nine, all stones have a 3/32" shank. 
Maximum speed of 45,000rpm.  Overall length of 1-3/4" to 2" depending on
head length.  All shapes are fine grit (120) except for large ball nose and flame
which are medium grit (80).
Made in USA   Guaranteed by Foredom. 



AK22   33Pc Bur Kit  $355.00  The new 33 pc kit contains the burs used by
Frank Russell in his 3-disc DVD set "Fur, Feathers, and Fins".  Kit includes
5 1/4" shank, 8 1/8", and 1 3/32" shank Typhoon burs in coarse and fine grit.
Also 6 CeramCut blue stones, 3 plated diamond points, 3 vanadium steel
cutters, 1 carbide bur, 3 ruby carvers, a sandpaper mandrel, 2 fine nylon
bristle brushes and a rotating bur holder.  A 395.00 Value for only $319.00

AK22   33Pc Bur Kit  $319.00


Ceramcut Accessories

Untitled-29.jpg (49260 bytes)



(Reshape the above CeramCut stones)

  #10333 Dressing Stone (silicon carbide) $8.50


10343.jpg (4108 bytes)

600 grit the sharpen the above stones)

 #10343 Foredom Diamond Hone $8.50

2998.jpg (6267 bytes)

(clean the above stones)

#2998 Abrasive Cleaner $8.95

4005.jpg (2713 bytes)                       #4005 Wet Stone Unload plated diamonds $2.95





5800.jpg (4739 bytes) Use to clean Saburr Tooth burs.

#5800 Brass Brush $3.50

#1334 Sanding Drum Kit $19.95   Large Drum Kit

Rough shape your carvings easily with this kit. Includes quick lock drums in
1/2x3", 1x3", 1 1/2x3" with a fine and coarse band for each drum 1/4" shank.

Replacement Sleeves

#8048  1/2''x3'' Sleeve Pack  - 9 sleeves
#6048  1"x3" Sleeve Pack - 9 sleeves
                                         #5048  1-1/2"x3"  Sleeve Pack - 9 sleeves

1335.jpg (36469 bytes)    Everything you need for sanding and grinding curves and irregular surfaces. 
Tighten the nut to expand the rubber drum to hold the sleeves in place.All drums
have 1/8" shank.  Comes as shown with 5 rubber drums and 3 sleeves for each
drum,one fine, one medium and one coarse.

  #1335 Sanding Drum Kit $10.00    Small Drum Kit     Sale $9.95

No need to worry about replacement sleeves! Buy them here!
9 Sleeves per Pack $3.95

#1345    3/8" x 1/2"  9 pc


#1346    1/2" x 1/2"  9 pc


#1347    1/2" x 3/4"  9 pc


#1348    3/4" x 1/2"  9 pc


#1349    3/4" x 3/4"  9 pc


wpe58.jpg (999 bytes)  Size 2"x1/2"x3/4"

  4005  Wet Stick $2.95 for cleaning Diamond Burs

10080.jpg (12042 bytes)Round burr holder spins on a lazy susan and holds over 100 bits
from sizes 1/16" up to 1/4". 

  #10080 Universal Burr Holder $16.50



wpe59.jpg (1193 bytes)Holes for 1/8" and 3/32" sized bits. Holds 48 bits (not included)

#10088 Mini Bit Holder $4.00

2399 used.jpg (6536 bytes)   2399.jpg (5339 bytes)Split mandrels are used with strips of sandpaper
that you cut to length of the slot and secure with hot glue
or a small rubber band. 3/32" shank.

#M23 Slot length 3/4" $1.95 (shown above)

Dura Grit Cutters

Cutting and shaping carbide wheel for use on hard and soft woods.  FUN!

#542 (left) Cutting and Shaping Wheel   1" diameter $17.95

#801 (right) Carbide Shaping Wheel 1 5/16" diameter $17.95

4485.jpg (5413 bytes)
Collet nut kit includes 1/8", 3/32", 1/16" & 3/32" collets with nut

#4485 Dremel Collet Nut Kit $8.50

4486.jpg (5776 bytes)

#4486 Dremel Chuck $12.95




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