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Books About Chip Carving & Ornamental Carving       
 Chip Carving tools & accessories!

  NEW!   #8304 Chip Carving Essentials $17.95
#8817 Chip Carved Christmas Ornaments $11.99

#8251 Complete Book of Gourd Carving $24.99
New!     #7760 Chip Carving Workshop Irish $16.99
#3449 Chip Carving-Best of Woodcarving Illustrated $19.95

 #4128 The Complete Guide to Chip Carving  $17.95 

A beginner’s guide from the world’s most renowned chip carver! Wayne Barton—author of Chip Carving and Art of Chip Carving—presents what is unquestionably the finest guidance ever for the novice. He has been the driving force behind the craft’s resurgence, and his technical knowledge, design skills, and ability to instruct remain unequalled. One by one, with the aid of color photographs, he covers tools and materials, the best woods, holding and sharpening chip carving knives, and laying out and transferring patterns. Borders, grids, rosettes, free-form design, positive image design, and lettering all receive separate, in-depth chapters, as does Barton’s special, time-tested hints.

#2147 Chip Carving with Wayne Barton DVD  $19.95  Chip carving is a wonderfully direct and simple way to decorate furniture, cabinets, boxes, plaques and utensils. Wayne Barton, a master of the Swiss style of chip carving, shows you step by step how you can beautify a number of objects using very few tools.
You'll learn about tools and the basic border cuts, decorative designs like gothic rosettes and lace borders, roman lettering,
and creating script monograms.
fox1 004display.jpg (13075 bytes)#2577 Chip Carver's Workbook Moor $14.95
Chip carving history, wood selection, tools, sharpening, and
cutting's all here!  Sections on borders, grids,
rosettes, foliage, lettering, and finished.  Great book!
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Comes with book, five chip design stamps & ink .

SOLD OUT   #4037 Stamp & Chip Kit $35.00

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#2107   Basic Chip Carving   Gresham   $14.95   Best Seller

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#6998  Chip Carving the Southwest   Gresham    $12.95

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#4836 Chip Carving Classics- One    Irish    $12.95  New!

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#4844 Chip Carving Classics-Two   Irish    $12.95  New!

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#4828  Projects with Free Form Patterns for Chip Carving   Moor  $12.95   New!

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