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Flexcut Carving Tools  Tools that make a difference!    All tools are high carbon steel that is ground and
polished to a razor sharp edge.  The handle will fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Made in the USA.
Don't see what you need here? No problem we can special order any Flexcut tool, just call us at 800-292-6788.

See the Rebates that are available for your Flexcut Purchase.

New! Flexcut Micro Carving Sets


#MT910  1.5mm Carver's Micro Set $109.00

A comprehensive set of the very popular 1.5mm size micro tools.  These are some
of the smallest tools available, super sharp and ready to use.

1.5mm Chisel
1.5mm Skew
1.5mm Shallow Gouge
1.5mm Deep Gouge
1.5mm 45º V tool
1.5mm 90º V tool


SALE $65.00  #MT300  Carver's Gouge Set $74.00

Includes 4  micro gouges in the following widths.








SALE $65.00  #MT500  Carver's Deep Gouge Set $74.00

Includes 4 deep gouges in the following widths.





    SALE $65.00  #MT600  Carver's 45º V-Tool Set $74.00 

Includes 4  45º V-tools in the following widths.





SALE $65.00  #MT700  Carver's 60º V-Tool Set $74.00

Includes 4  60º V-tools in the following widths.





SALE $65.00  #MT800  Carver's 90º V-Tool Set $74.00

Includes 4  90º V-tools in the following widths.






SALE $54.00  MT100 Micro Chisel Set $60.00


Includes 4  micro chisels in the following widths.





SALE $54.00  MT200 Micro Skew Set $60.00


Includes 4  micro skews in the following widths.








New Styles of Flexcut Knives

#KN34  Flexcut Super Point Knife  $25.00


#KN35  Flexcut Fine Detail Knife  $25.00


SALE $21.00  #KN36  Flexcut Radius Knife  $25.00


SALE $21.00  #KN37  Flexcut Hooked Skew Knife  reg. $25.00



#KN26  Flexcut Right Handed Hook Knife  $29.00



#JKN95 Tri-Jack Pro $80.00   reg. $90.00

The Tri-Jack Pro™ is the newest multi-tool in Flexcut’s jackknife
series. As its name suggests, the Tri-Jack has three blades that lock
in place – a roughing knife, detail knife, and mini-cutting knife. The
well designed handle minimizes hand fatigue and is made of
aerospace-grade aluminum with a quarter-cut cherry inlay.

#SK110 Flexcut Beginner Craft Caver Set $39.00


This Beginner Craft Carver Set includes everything you’ll need to get started in the rewarding world of woodcarving. Includes: Interchangeable Palm Handle, 3 Carving Blades, Bass Wood Boot Blank, 16-page Manual & Project Guide and Instructional DVD. Profiles: SK307, SK407, SK408.



#KN150 Right Handed Scorp Set $100.00   (left hand model available by special order)

Designed for carving areas where the full length of a gouge will not fit.
Extremely useful for deep, narrow cavities.  Includes a #11 1/8",
#11 3/16", #6 8mm, 70º 1/4" v tool, and strop.  Reg. Price $119.75

For Left Handed Scorp Set, Call 1-800-292-6788




#KN115 Flexcut Chip Carving Set $58.00






#KN500 Flexcut Starter Set $55.00

Includes Flexcut Carving Knife, Detail Knife, Roughing Out Knife and a stick of Flexcut gold Stropping Compound.




Tool Rolls - Give your tools the protection they deserve with this high quality tool roll.

#KN00 Flexcut 4 Knife Tool Roll  $10.95


wpe24.jpg (3390 bytes) #SK108 $200.00

New!  SK108 Carving 20 piece Set  SK100 ABS Quick Connect Handle, KN12 Cutting Knife, SK103 Quick Connect Power Handle, Flexcut SlipStropTM & Compound, 16 Carving Tools, Wood Storage Box.

SK 108 Starter Carving Set is our most complete carving set all in one box. It has everything you need, whether it be for mallet, palm, or knife carving. The added SlipStropTM Gold compound and owners manual is the key to keeping them all sharp. There is even a place to store an optional Universal Adapter for using these tools with your reciprocating power carver.

The 16 gouge profiles featured in this kit are not included in any other SK carving set. You would spend over $330.90 if you purchased these items separately a savings of over $130, making the SK108 a great value for any current Flexcut Tool user.  

Our SK108 Set includes a Free DVD version of Relief Carving in A Different Light.


QuickConnect Handles for the SK series Tools

#SK102 Handle $15.95
#SK1023-3pack  2" Ash Handles $33.95
#SK100 Handle $15.95
#SK1003-3pack  3" ABS Handles $33.95
#SK103 Handle $15.95
#SK1033-3pack 4.5" Ash Handle $33.95

                                          carv jack.jpg (47552 bytes) carvin jack kit.jpg (65411 bytes)#JK91 Flexcut Carvin' Jack $150.00    Right or Left handed    Flexcut's new Carvin' Jack made for the woodcarver. Comes with a whittling blade, straight chisel, shallow gouge, shallow scorp, deep scorp, and new hook knife blade. Each razor edge is honed and locks securely in both opened and closed positions. Comes with it's own Flexcut Slip strop and Flexcut Gold polishing compound. Complete instructions for operating and maintaining the sharpest edge possible.


Individual Flexcut Palm Handled Tools  Select Styles on Sale

#3 Palm Gouges

 Choose Your Size>



#5 Palm Gouges

 Choose Your Size>



#6 Palm Gouges

 Choose Your Size>



#8 Palm Gouges

 Choose Your Size>



#9 Palm Gouges

 Choose Your Size>



#11 Palm Gouges

 Choose Your Size>



V Tools

 30° V-TOOL  FR413 5/32"   $21.00
 Choose 45° V-Tools>
                                        Choose 70° V-Tools>

  60° Soft V-Tool    FR760 1/2" $21.00 


Individual Flexcut Tool Inserts   Handles sold separately.

These compact tools are great for traveling. Designed in conjunction with Flexcut's QC (quick connect) handles, they can be used by hand or with any number of reciprocating power carvers. The 3 handle options allow them to be used for small details or light mallet work for roughing out.  These tools come without handles.  Handles sold separately below.

#3 Gouge Inserts


 Choose Your Size>  


#5 Gouge Inserts

 Choose Your Size>  

#6 Gouge Inserts

Choose Your Size>  


#8 Gouge Inserts

   Choose Your Size >


#9 Gouge Inserts

   Choose Your Size >

#11 Gouge Inserts

    Choose Your Size >


30° V-Tool Inserts

  SK413  $16.00


45° V-Tool Inserts

 Choose Your Size >


70°  V-Tool Insert

Choose Your Size >


Quick Connect Handles for Above SK Series Tools


SK102  2'' Ash Handle  $15.95
SK100 3'' ABS Plastic Handle  $15.95
                                                        SK103  4.5''  Ash Handle  $15.95

     sl107.jpg (33152 bytes)  profiles sk106.bmp (362934 bytes) kit use.jpg (49103 bytes)

#SK107 Flexcut 11 pc Travel Kit      Our Price $100.00

This kit comes with 10 interchangeable blades (sizes and sweeps are shown above) and a quick connect handle, in it's own 10 pocket tool roll. Rolls up into a handy 5 x 2" bundle for convenient storage and travel. Also includes a sharpening manual, pre-printed carving blank and instructions. Tools comes sharp ready for immediate use. Made in USA


pro-sk106.bmp (121526 bytes)

SK106 Flexcut 5pc Travel Kit  Reg.$49.95 Our Price $50.00

Same as the set above, but with 5 interchangeable blades (as shown above). Great entry level set. Made in USA




flexcut 015.jpg (34463 bytes)


Flexcut Slip Strop  This strop has been specially molded to allow for polishing and deburring the hard to reach areas on the inside of your v-tools and gouges as well as the outside edges. Includes a 1 ounce bar of polishing compound and detailed instructions.

#8630 Flexcut Slip Strop $15.95 


#8631 Flexcut Gold Compound (4oz) $8.95


                                     #8632 Flexcut Gold Compound (1oz) $3.95

SK200 19 Pocket Tool Roll  Add to your craft tool collection and keep them in one convenient tool roll. (tools shown not included)
sk200.jpg (22329 bytes)

SK200 Tool Roll  $14.95

 kn100.jpg (36558 bytes) kn100 use.jpg (57051 bytes)  Flexcut Knife Set

Flexcut's most popular knives combined into one great set. Includes #8615 Carving Knife, #8613 Detail Knife, #KN18 Pelican Knife and KN19 Mini Pelican Knife and tool roll.

KN100 Knife Set $85.00


Flexcut Hand Knives - Made with the same edge holding steel as the Flexcut gouges and chisels.  The comfortable handles allow for longer carving without hand fatigue.


            KN27 Mini Detail Knife $26.00  5/8" blade


8613.jpg (79415 bytes)  

  8613 Detail Knife $21.00  Super sharp point for fine detail carving. 1-1/4" blade.


 8615.jpg (69317 bytes)

  #8614   2"  Roughing Knife  $23.00  2" blade for greater wood removal.


8615.jpg (69317 bytes) 

  #8615  1-1/2" Flexcut Carving Knife  $20.00  Just the right size or all your carving projects.

kn17.jpg (41872 bytes)

This mini draw knife is designed for hard to reach areas, where   a pulling action is more conductive to efficient stock removal. The flexible shank allow the cutting angle to be changed easily for contoured cuts. Sharp ready for immediate use. Made in USA

  #KN17     1" Mini Draw Knife  $29.00

Flexcut  Pelican Knives
 kn18.jpg (22860 bytes)

New shape knife from Flexcut. Designed to reach into those hard to carve areas with it's narrow point. Sharp ready for immediate use. Made USA

  #KN18 Pelican Knife    $24.00

Same shape as above but in a smaller size for finer detail work.  Sharp and ready to carve, Made in the USA.

#KN19 Mini Pelican $25.00

Flexcut Chip Carving Knives
Comfortable handle and super sharp blade. Easy to use.

 kn15a.jpg (67719 bytes)

#KN15 Flexcut Chip Knife $21.00 


kn15.jpg (75229 bytes)

KN20 Flexcut Mini Chip Knife $23.00


kn25.jpg (12142 bytes)KN25 3" Draw Knife  was developed for skinning bark and roughing your carving out. This tools will make quick work of wood removal. Overall length 12"

KN25  3" Draw Knife $38.00


KN16 5" Draw Knife This flexible draw knife has 5 inches of workable edge, designed to flex around contours where large amounts of stock need to be removed quickly.  The curved edge gives a skew-like cutting action for a low resistance cut.  Overall length 11"

KN16  5" Draw Knife $47.00

Flexcut Regular Palm Set Designed with a short shank for more control close to your carving.  All sets below come in their own finely crafted wooden storage container with sliding lid.

 8606.jpg (23415 bytes) #8606 Beginner's Palm Set  $80.00

Purchase set below or buy tools individually.







Super Wide Palm Set

  8608.jpg (22185 bytes)

Includes wide profile shallow gouge, fishtail gouge, regular gouge and deep gouge. 
Sizes are as follows:  1- #3x7/8" shallow gouge,  1- #7x3/4" gouge, 1- #8x5/8" gouge,  1- #9x1/2" gouge.

    #8608  Super Wide Palm Set  $73.00  SALE $65.00


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