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Carving Knives


#5506  Pocket Whittler II  $39.95

NEW! Improved design! PRO-POCKET WHITTLERTM by Mastercarver® High-Performance Tools!
TM The ultimate wood carver’s pocket knife just got better! Unlike ordinary pocket knives, the
Mastercarver® “Pocket Whittler II” is custom designed with the wood carver in mind. The blade
features the perfect classic shape for better carving. It has a razor sharp edge and V-grind
for easy re-sharpening. It folds when closed and locks securely when fully opened (will not
fold when pulled out of a cut). It utilizes a precisely made, reliable, back lock (or lock back)
design. Features improved gently contoured handle. All contact points are hand polished
for smooth operation and extra comfort. Blade features include: custom blade design,
V-grind, high-carbon 440C stainless steel and Rc 61 hardness. Note: 440C stainless
steel has highest carbon content and cost of any 440 steel. This steel is famous for
resistance to corrosion and wear plus it has incredible strength, hardness and edge
sharpness holding qualities. Also includes: positive blade lock for safety, nickel silver
bolsters and pins plus heavy gauge brass liners and laminated oak wood grips. Sizes:
closed 3.75" (95mm), open 5.75" (145mm), sharpened blade section 1.75" (45mm),
thickness 3/8" (11mm).  Supplied “razor sharp”, ready to carve!

 Walnut Handle Carving Knives - High carbon Warren Brand blades, polished
and honed to super sharp edges and mounted in durable walnut handles.

#2650  Walnut Inside Curve Knife Small  $16.00

#2647  Walnut Inside Curve Knife  Large $16.00
#2663  Walnut Right Hand Curve Knife   $19.00
#2656  Walnut Point Knife $19.00
#2657  Walnut Whittler Knife $19.00




Custom Walnut Knives

#5037 Walnut Super Point Knife $22.00   Blade Length 7/8"



#5035 Walnut Carver Knife $22.00   Blade Length 1-1/2"



#5034 Walnut Regular Chip Carver Knife $22.00  Blade Length 7/8"



#5036 Walnut Small  Chip Carver Knife $22.00  Blade Length 5/8"



#3019 Set 3 Natural Grip Carving Knives $29.95 

These naturally shaped hardwood handles will fit your hand for superior
grip and comfort.  The handles are lightly finished with natural Tung Oil,
which prevents blistering and discomfort.  The blades are the 3 most
popular time proven shapes for woodcarving.  The blades feature high
quality, properly hardened steel and razor sharp edges and are ready
to carve.  Handle length 5".  Sharpened blade lengths of 1-1/4", 1-3/8",
and 1-3/4".



New Flexcut Styles!  See the full line of Flexcut here!



NEW!  KN52   Flexcut Sloyd Hook Knife   $74.00






NEW!  JKN96   Flexcut Spoon Carving Jack  $120.00






  #KN34  Flexcut Super Point Knife  $26.00




  #KN35  Flexcut Fine Detail Knife  $26.00


#KN26 Right Handed Hook Knife $30.00

Right Handed Hook Knife - Great for scooping the wood! Ideal for spoons!


#9617 Leather Knife Sheaths $2.50e  Sold as singles
#9617-6  Pack of 6 Leather Knife Sheaths $13.00


Protect your knife investment with these leather knife sheaths.  Made to fit blades up to 2". Will
custom fit itself to your blade. Made in the USA!


#9621  Clear Tubing  36"  $4.00

Inexpensive way to protect your knives and hand tools.  Just cut to length
for your tools and slip over the end..  3/4"ODx5/8"ID x 36" Length.


New!  #1820 Custom Leather Knife Sheath $10.00

Your expensive custom knife deserves a custom handmade
sheath. Made from high quality leather, this sheath will
fit a variety of carving knives.  Color may vary. (Knife not included)  Made in the USA!

Helvie Handmade Knives    Made in the USA!  

Beautiful yet functional carving knives for any carver. Handles are made from laminated pieces of beautifully
dyed pakkawood. Carbon steel blades are heat treated to 58R, which means it carves easily and
keeps it's edge.  Colors will vary.

 Sold Out   #204 Helvie 1 5/8" Roughout
 Sold Out   #200F Helvie 1 1/4" Carving Knife $38.50 


 Sold Out   #305F Helvie 1" Detail Knife



Helvie Natural Carvers!   SORRY,  SOLD OUT  -  NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Sold Out   #313 Helvie Natural  Carver 1 1/4" Carving Knife $24.00each
                                                                                (wood type may vary) USA






Handmade Carving Knives    Ozark County Carving Tools  (formerly Denny Tools)   Made in the USA!
Sharp & Ready, quality custom carving knives.  Same great knives and gouges now made by Mike Shipley
of OCC Tools (Ozark County Tools).  He uses the same specifications and designs of Denny to make one
of woodcarvers favorite tools.  A favorite for many top woodcarvers.
Now Available,  Gouges!


NEW!  #1961  OCC 1.75" Grip Handle Knife $25.00



NEW!   #1962  OCC 2" Grip Handle Knife $25.00
Buy Both Gripper Knives Above $48.00



#1677 Ozark County Carving Tools Chip Carving Knife $24.00








  #1607 Large 2.25" OCC Knife $25.00




New & improved style Walnut Carvers
by Mike Shipley

#1674   1 3/8" Walnut Carver  $25.00
#1675    2" Walnut Carver   $25.00   
Set of 2    #1676  1 3/8"  & 2" shown above  $48.00  Save $2.00


#KN400 Flexcut Detail Knife Set $72.00
Get the detail you want out of your carvings with this great detail knife set.
Includes a mini chip knife, a mini detail knife and the very popular mini pelican
knife, all are super sharp ready to carve. Sharpening compound included to keep
two knives sharp!  USA


#KN500 Flexcut Carvers 3 piece Starter Set $58.00

Our most popular Flexcut Knives in one money saving 3 piece starter set.  Roughing
knife, carving knife, and detail knife.  Includes polishing compound.  USA




Flexcut Knives

Made in the USA with the same edge-holding steel as the famous Flex-cut gouges and chisels. The
comfortable handle allows for longer carving periods without hand fatigue. Comes sharpened and honed,
ready for immediate use.

KN27 Mini Detail Knife $27.00



kn19.jpg (23778 bytes)  Small Pelican Knife.  Sharp

  #KN19 Mini-Pelican Knife $26.00


Just the right size for all your carving projects. Blade 1.5"   Sharp

  #8615 Flexcut Carving Knife  $21.00

8613.jpg (79415 bytes) Super, sharp point for fine detail carving . Blade 1.25"

  #8613 Flexcut Detail Knife   $22.00

Great for when you need a longer blade to remove wood quickly.

#8614 Flexcut Roughing Knife $24.00


kn16.jpg (25937 bytes)   5" of workable edge and designed to flex around your project to remove
as much stock as quickly as possible. Sharp

  #KN16 Flexcut Draw Knife $49.00




kn25.jpg (14331 bytes)

#KN25 Flexcut 3" Draw Knife $39.00


For Chip Carving

kn15a.jpg (67719 bytes)

#KN15 Chip Knife $22.00


kn15.jpg (75229 bytes)

#KN20 Flexcut Mini Chip Knife $24.00


Untitled-2.jpg (80496 bytes) Great hand carving knife with a 1.5" or 1 7/8" blade.
We professionally hone this knife so it's sharp and
ready for immediate use
. Comfortable hardwood
handle. Made in USA.

A quality knife at a value price!

#1427 Both Knives $32.00

#1425 1-1/2" Mountain Woodcarvers Knife $17.00

#1426 1 7/8" Mountain Woodcarvers Knife $17.00

By purchasing any item from Mountain Woodcarvers, Inc., whether by mail or in person, the buyer warrants that he/she is
in compliance with his/her local and state laws and is legally able to purchase these items.  Mountain Woodcarvers, Inc.
will not be held responsible for any non-compliance with these laws.

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