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Brass Head Mallet

12oz Brass Head Mallet  #1323  $16.95


New! Brass Head Mallet
These brass head mallets provide unequalled control and
balance in a compact design and are a real extension of
your hand.  Turned and polished brass heads are joined
to finely finished maple handles to create the true essence
of form and function. Imported

Traditional Wooden Mallets




#3022  Beechwood Mallet $19.95





As shown left to right

6oz Hardwood Mallet - Great for lighter duty mallet work.  7" Length  2" Diameter Head    Imported

  12oz Traditional Hardwood Mallet. Length 10"  3" Diameter Head       Imported




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Shock Pad A reversible split leather pad designed to absorb shock to the
palm. Can be worn on the left or right hand. Great for carving where the power
of the mallet is just not needed. One size fits all.

#6007 Shock Pad $13.95




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