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  NIBSBURNER Woodburning Systems Made in the USA

We are now accepting back orders for Nibsburner handpieces with an expected ship date of August 1st.

#2007  Nibsburner Handpiece Woodburning Pen $18.95
Will be billed and shipped separately upon our receipt of handpieces.

 Handpiece options to replace your Nibsburner factory handpiece.

We can suggest some different ways for you to keep your current Nibsburner system up and running with the use of Colwood and Burnmaster products and handpieces.  Both Colwood and Burnmaster handpieces fit the Nibsburner cord perfectly with absolutely no modifications.  Both Colwood and Burnmaster have a variety of their own tips to fit their respective handpieces. 

Please read the information below regarding tip compatibility.

To fit Nibsburner tips to Colwood handpieces you will need to insert the tip into a Colwood Tip Bushing and secure
with Colwood high heat solder.  Use of soldering gun and flux (both sold separately) is required.  Then simply insert
bushing into handpiece.  See all Colwood products here.

#3404 Colwood Replaceable Tip Handpiece  $15.95

#0020  Colwood Tip Bushing  $5.00
High Temp Solder - 1 Foot
#3414  Colwood High Heat Solder $2.00  (Use of soldering gun and flux, both sold separately, is required with  this product)

Nibsburner tips will fit and perform properly in Burnmaster handpieces without modification, simply
insert the tip into the handpiece contacts and tighten the screws.  Burnmaster also makes contact rods which
some pyrographers use with their Nibsburner tips before fitting into the Burnmaster handpieces.  Simply
insert Nibsburner tips into the contact rods and crimp with pliers or vice. Then insert contact rods into
handpiece and tighten with screwdriver.  See all Burnmaster products here.

#8901 Burnmaster Handpiece $29.95

Includes items shown: handpiece, screwdriver, and cord adapter (not needed with standard Nibsburner cord.)

#4971  Burnmaster Contact Rods  $3.95

Handpiece Tubes for Nibsburner & Colwood Handpieceds $1.00  (does not fit Burnmaster Handpieces)




#8901 Burnmaster Pen $29.95

The exclusive Burnmaster® brand Wood Burning Pen features a unique, exclusive, patent pending design, so advanced its incomparable! The Burnmaster® Pen is the first & only to accept replaceable tips & power from all major brands of "hot wire" wood burning systems. Benefits include: 
1. For unlimited creativity, pen accepts replaceable hot wire tips from: Burnmaster®, Detail Master (Ver.I & II), Colwood & Razertip. 
2. It connects directly to these brands of power supplies & pen patch cords: Burnmaster®, Colwood, PJL (Optima), Nibs & Razertip (adapter included). *For Detail Master brand power supply connection order optional pen patch cord (sold separately). 
3. Adjustable tip extension for deep reach, user comfort & control (Burnmaster & Detail Master tips only)4. Ergonomic, self-aligning pen design, puts tip in the same position every time! 
5. Screw posts ensure positive electrical contact pressure & with use remove performance robbing micro corrosion. 
6. Gold & copper contacts ensure superior electrical conductivity & performance. Pen includes screwdriver & Razertip adapter. 
Size 5-3/8” (54mm). 1-Year pen warranty. Made in USA.

#4971 Contact Rods for use with Burnmaster Wire or Nibsburner Tips $3.95
(Crimp for tight connection, then insert into Burnmaster handpieces).




Nibsburner Cords & Accessories Supplies are Limited!

#STDMF $18.50
Standard Replacement Cord for
Nibsburner     Male to Female   16 guage
#HDMF  $21.00
Heavy Duty Replacement Cord for Nibsburner   14 guage
Heavy Duty Male to Female
#LDMF $18.00  Light Duty  Replacement Cord for Nibsburner
Light Duty Male to Female   22 guage
#2010  $2.75 Nibs Handpiece Holder (each)


Nibsburner Tips $8.00 each. 

#2A Large round tips generally heat more evenly over the entire edge. They are less likely to leave a deeper burn where you first touch the wood. Great for burning in concave areas like under the chin of the bird.
#2B Our small round tip is great for general pyrography, flat and concave areas. Most useful under the neck and where the leg meets the body. This 2B follows concave surfaces without digging into the wood.
#2C Our tight round tip works best for texturing on breast and belly feathers which should have a fairly smooth appearance. Also great in small tight concave areas. Rated TOPS with pyrographers, carvers and gourders.
#6 Shader   Fill in your negative space quickly with a flat, angled tip shader.
#SP2 Our DEEP SPOON  SP2 is for all types of flat work. The spoon shaped burning surfaces makes these a great choice for shading. It can be used in tight places and allows you to burn a fairly wide strip. These all around tips are ideal to shade wood, leather and gourds. A PYROGRAPHERS DREAM.  

Included with The Gourd Unit.

SP1 Shallow Spoon is for all types of flat work. The spoon shaped burning surfaces makes these a great choice for shading. It can be used in tight places and allows you to burn a fairly wide strip. These all around tips are ideal to shade wood, leather and gourds.



#2040N    Nibsburner Wire Only 12"   $10.00

Blue.jpg (56746 bytes)New Item! CoolBlue slips over
your woodburning handpiece to create
a cool air space between your hand and
your woodburning pen. 

  #6579  3 pieces of CoolBlue only $1.00




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Very Popular! Keep your tips sharp and clean with this inexpensive strop

5022 Burning Tip Sharpener & Cleaner $7.95

Use with abrasive #1224 $5.00


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