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Study Casts - Make your carving easier with these 3 Dimensional study guides.

#7175 Golf Ball Study Casting $19.95 by Skylar Johnson   NEW!!!

Shows how to carve the fun and easy golf ball cores step by step.





Great caricature style study casts! by Skylar Johnson

approx. 10.5" length

#7168 EyeStick $19.95 NEW!

approx. 10.5" length

#7169 LipStick $19.95 NEW!

approx. 10.5" length

#7170 NoseStick $19.95 NEW!

Save!  Buy all 3 above for $57.00     Set includes Nose, Eye, and Mouth casts.

Woodspirit study casts

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Woodspirit Study Cast by Skylar Johnson $19.95
Overall length 15"


hiking stick cast.bmp (66406 bytes)

Hiking Stick  Woodspirit Cast $10.95 by
Skylar Johnson  -  This cast is from the
book How to Carve a Woodspirit in a Hiking Stick
Overall Length 6-1/2"



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