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NEW!  #8905 Burnmaster Tool Bag  $19.95

Protect, organize, and transport your woodburning tools, micro motor tools, hand tools,
and more!  The unique, exclusive design includes the features you want in a tool bag.
Big enough to accept all hot wire woodburners.  Organizer slots and pouches provide 20 areas ideal for wood burning handpieces, tips, and accessories.  Features tough ballistic nylon, heavy duty zipper, stiff inner walls, and strong handles. 7.25"x8"x11". 
(woodburner shown not included)








DVD #3412  Burning Night - Walters  $19.99

Learn the Art of Negative Space Woodburning!
60 Minutes - Color - 15 Lessons - Bonus Booklet with Patterns




New!   Pyrographer's Paper  Burn your design right through the Paper!

#9982 Pyro Paper $8.00

Pyrography Paper, you can trace, draw or print (inkjet, laser or copier) a design on Pyro Paper and woodburn right through it! What makes this paper special is that it will not smolder, burn outwards or melt. You get 50 sheets of transparent paper (8.5x11) Great for gourds and more!


#4038 Transfer Paper $13.95

Waxless, greaseless, smudge proof, erasable on sealed surfaces, won't bleed through paint. Cut and use what you need. Easily transfer your patterns. Large (9x13" ) sheets 20 pcs.



Keep your tips clean and sharp


#5022 Burner Strop $7.95
#1224 Strop Abrasive $3.95

Basswood Eggs


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